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Vertuo Next always aims to go higher. If you feel like a Mug this morning, an Espresso after lunch and a Gran Lungo this afternoon, Vertuo Next has you covered. So that you can decide how far you want to take your coffee experience, it encompasses the full range of coffee styles with its six cup sizes, all at the touch of a button.

Vertuo Next offers the Nespresso coffee experience, just one step forward, with a new brewing system: the Centrifusion technology. It allows the machine to read the barcode integrated in each capsule. It then spins up, adjusting even the slightest settings, to extract the hidden treasures of each capsule. To give each blend its own coffee.

To prove that Vertuo Next will go to many lengths to please you, it is available in a large choice of colours. With its chrome accents, it will certainly fit any kitchen. To go the extra mile, and to make sure it is never out of place, the machine even connects to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to update itself and offer you a constantly seamless experience.

Taking today’s coffee experience to the next level.


Ef þú pantar fyrir 10.000 kr. eða meira greiðir þú engan sendingarkostnað.


Við tökum á móti notuðum hylkjum til endurvinnslu um allt land.


Pantanir á höfuðborgarsvæðinu sem berast fyrir kl. 11 eru afhentar samdægurs milli kl. 17 og 22.

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