Together with Rainforest Alliance, we have developed a sustainability program (AAA Sustainability Quality Program), working for biodiversity and climate-smart coffee farms. 

The cooperation means that no pesticides or fertilizers can be used in the production as far as possible in the coffee farms. Together with training in how to handle different entrances, a method has been developed to preserve biodiversity for workers, growers and the environment. When it is absolutely necessary, only Rainforest Alliance certified products included in the SAN (Sustainable Agriculture Network) are permitted.

AAA Sustainability Quality Program
The award-winning AAA program has been developed in collaboration with Nestlé and Rainforest Alliance, which guarantees that our coffee is grown, purchased and produced in a way that respects the social and economic aspects as well as the environment of the producing countries.

We want the coffee growers to have a relationship with Nespresso and therefore their situation is an important concern for us. We also want to be sure that environmental conditions enable continued production of our coffee and therefore encourage sustainable development in the countries of origin.

Read more about our sustainability work on the links above, or click here.

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You can always mix your coffee varieties as you wish. Each coffee sleeve contains 10 capsules of freshly grounded gourmet coffee. Minimum order is one coffee sleeve (10 capsules).

To get your coffee delivered in the safest and most environmentally friendly way, we use packaging for even 50s of Original capsules (50/100/150, etc.) and even 30s for Vertuo capsules (30/60/90 etc).

If you want your coffee to be shipped with the least possible environmental impact, we recommend that you order your coffee according to this rule.

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If you wish to return a product purchased by us, it is possible as long as the product is unused.

You have 30 days right of return at Nespresso. If you purchased a machine from a trade partner, other rules for return may apply.

To return an unused item purchased in a Nespresso Boutique, please return with your product to the boutique, together with your receipt.

If you wish to return a product purchased via our website or by phone, contact us and we will send you a return slip for you, for easy return.

We are sorry to hear that, we'll fix it as soon as we can!

If the package has a visible damage to the outer packaging, this must be claimed with the postal office immediately upon pickup or contact Nespresso within 24 hours after you have picked up your order.

If the package has a hidden damage or if any product inside is damaged, you must contact Nespresso within 7 days of your order being removed.

Save the damaged capsules / goods and all original packaging until the claim is completed.

How to handle a claim step by step:

To make it as easy and fast as possible for you, include the following information when contacting us:

1. Take photos of the damage so we easily can see what has happened, attach them in your mail to us.

2. If the content is damaged, we need to know how much and what products are defect - to claim the right products and quickly send out a replacement order to you.

3. We will contact the supplier and continue the case. At the same time, we will ensure that you receive the goods you ordered as quickly as possible, in perfect condition.

The expiration date of our capsules is 12 months from production date, with a minimum of 30 days left when customer receives the coffee. 

The date is laser printed on the side of the sleeve and Nespresso guarantees the freshness of the coffee until this date where the coffee is at its aromatic best. 

The coffee does not suddenly lose its taste after this date but may gradually decrease in flavour. You may also check the capsule membrane, if it is slightly rounded the coffee is still fresh.

To make sure that the coffee you buy is fresh and within its aromatic peak, you can only buy our coffee directly through Nespresso or through any of our Boutiques.

The amount of caffeine is different for each variety and depends on two factors: the proportion of Robusta in the blend (Robusta contains twice as much caffeine as Arabica), and the quantity of ground coffee used to prepare the cup for our Vertuo Espressos, the caffeine content varies between 70-100mg per brewed espresso.

Vertuo Carafe has 230-250 mg of caffeine per capsule, however, it is recommended for sharing between 2 to 3 people, and then you will have below 200 mg per cup.

The content for our Vertuo Coffees ranges between 150-180mg of caffeine. The Half-Caffeinato contains 70mg of caffeine. Scientific studies indicate that an intake of 300 to 400 mg of caffeine per day is safe and does not cause any adverse effects on health.

No. There is no BPA in direct contact with the coffee.

No, Nespresso coffees do not contain any source of food allergens or gluten.

No, for the Vertuo coffee we use the same grinding technology as for the Original.

The grinding parameters are set by each variety, and we can control the flow time, influencing the body and intensity of the product. Learn more here!

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As we are not able to ship abroad, we recommend you to register as a new member in the country where you wish to purchase coffee.

Please note that you cannot use the same e-mail address for two accounts, therefore we ask you to use an alternative e-mail address when creating the new account.

You will find all our boutiques as well as opening hours on our website. Enter the city you are interested in and find the address and opening hours. Today we have boutiques in Helsinki.


We recommend the machine to be descaled regularly as instructed in your machine manual or when the machine indicates that it is time for descaling (some machine models).

The descaling process prevents lime scale in the machine, that can affect the temperature or decrease the water flow.

Nespresso has developed its own descaling that offers the best possible cleaning without damaging the machine.

The amount of cholesterol varies depending on the coffee. Diterpenes are fat-soluble compounds naturally present in the oil from coffee beans. Naturally occurring in coffee oil are the diterpenic compounds cafestol and to a lesser extent kahweol, which in unfiltered coffee can raise cholesterol in your body. A strong increase was observed with consumption of 6 or more cups of brewed coffee (cola coffee) per day. 

An important factor to consider is that diterpene levels in the cup vary significantly depending on the brewing methods (Urgert et al., 1997; Gross, 1997), but also due to the mixture, including the presence of Robusta, which is virtually kafestol-free (Urgert and Katan, 1997), and as with all natural products, there is variation between regions, varieties and crops.
Filtered and soluble coffee is virtually diterpene-free (about 0-1 mg of cafestol per cup), while espresso brewing methods contain more diterpenes (about 1-2 mg of cafestol per cup).
According to Dutch professor Martijn Katan, who has researched the issue for the European coffee industry, five cups of Nespresso coffee a day adds as much cholesterol to the blood as half an egg or the amount of butter used in one slice of bread.

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