One of Nespresso's most popular machines

User manual for the machine (CitiZ). 

User manual for CitiZ&Milk.

User manual for cleaning and descaling.

Video can be seen here.



  • Espresso & lungo 
  • 25 sec. rapid heating
  • Automatic power off 
  • 13x27,8x37,2 cm (wxdxh)
  • 1260 W
  • 1 L. watertank

  • Check the mains, plug, voltage, and fuse. 
  • If the problem persists, please call our phone or send us an email 

  • First use: fill water tank with warm water (max. 55° C) and run through machine.
  • Water tank is empty. Fill water tank.
  • Descale if necessary; see Descaling section.

  • Flow speed depends on the coffee variety.
  • Descale if necessary; see Descaling section.

  • Preheat cup.
  • Descale if necessary.

  • Position capsule correctly. If leakages occur, call Nespresso.

  • In case of problems, call Nespresso.

  • Send appliance to repair or call Nespresso.

  • Make sure the frother is installed correctly.
  • Make sure the spring is correctly instelled for the frother.

  • Make sure theat the spring is inserted correctly for the frother and the level doesn't go over the maximum.

  • The frohter is too warm. Place it under cold water 
  • The spring is missing from the frother
  • There is not enough milk in the frother. Put milk to either "max line
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