The climate crisis demands urgent, concrete actions. In response, we’re committed to contributing to a low-carbon and nature-positive economy.

Nespresso is aiming to achieve net-zero Green House Gas emissions by 2050 at the latest. We will achieve this by scaling and accelerating our efforts across the full scope of GHG emissions from farm to end-of-life, preventing GHG emissions at the source of our activities, and removing carbon from the atmosphere to ultimately curb the evolution of our global footprint. Read on below to learn more about the ways in which we work to reduce our climate impact.

Regenerative coffee production:

Accelerate the work that we do with the farmers we source our coffee from, encouraging and enabling the adoption of regenerative farming practices such as agroforestry, organic fertilization, and soil cover.


Focus on circularity and innovation, increasing the use of recycled and recyclable materials in the design of our capsules, accessories, and machines, and promoting refurbished machines.

Renewable energy:

Continue to increase energy efficiency and move towards 100% renewable electricity across all Nespresso sites and Boutiques.


Work with our customers and consumers to continue to drive up recycling rates for Nespresso capsules, investing in initiatives that make recycling easier and simpler, and that make used coffee grounds a source of energy.

Logistics optimization:

Continue to work closely with our supply chain partners to introduce solutions and innovations that reduce carbon emissions throughout our operations, transport and delivery of our materials, goods, and products.

Tree planting and reforestation:

Scale our track record of 5 million trees planted within and around coffee farms to further expand carbon sinks in the regions where we source coffee.

Through all these transformative actions, we aim to achieve net-zero GHG emissions by 2050 at the latest, thereby contributing to a low-carbon and nature-positive economy.

Discover the AAA Sustainable Quality Program here.

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