The regions where we source coffees are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.  

Extreme temperature fluctuations, heavy rainfall and droughts pose serious risks to coffee crops. What’s more, they can exacerbate pests and disease. At the same time, agriculture is a significant contributor to GHG emissions. That is why we are committed to fostering more sustainable agricultural practices and enabling a shift towards regenerative agriculture.

In 2003 we partnered with the Rainforest Alliance to create the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program

through which we are supporting farmers to reduce the environmental impact of coffee farming and safeguard their land for the future. We do this through teaching coffee producers sustainable farming practices and tackling issues such as pollution, waste and the excessive use of agro-chemicals.

Organic farming is a natural fit with our AAA Program

and in 2015 we introduced our first certified organic coffee, Peru Organic, followed by the Reviving Origins Kongo Organic in 2021. These coffees represent a positive step forward in our commitment to protect nature and restore biodiversity.

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Did you know?

• In 2015 we launched our first certified organic coffee Peru Organic followed by our Reviving Origins Congo in 2021.

• The AAA Program spans over 120,000 farmers across 15 countries. We source more than 90% of our coffee through this program.

• We have planted 5.2 million trees in and around coffee farms since 2014. These efforts span 9 countries: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Indonesia, Kenya, Nicaragua, and Uganda.

• Over 400 agronomists assist farmers directly with their knowledge and expertise.

• We invest 40million EUR per year in technical assistance and premiums. 


The power of trees

Since 2014, we have been working with AAA coffee farmers to reintroduce trees in and around coffee farms to strengthen the resilience of communities to climate change. Agroforestry, the practice in which trees are grown in and around crops and pastureland, promotes biodiversity and natural healthy ecosystems, further improves soil quality, regulates temperatures and protects against soil erosion. Planting trees on coffee farms helps communities build resilience by providing a layer of insulation that keeps ground temperatures more stable while trees’ roots hold the earth intact during heavy rains, preventing land erosion. They also sequester carbon, which contributes to balancing emissions. The carbon sequestration of the planted trees helps to further mitigate the footprint of every cup of Nespresso coffee.

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B Corps™ are assessed ever three years on if they continue to meet the high standards of verified social and environmental performance. They must provide extensive evidence documenting their positive impact.

Using business as a force for good™ has been built into our articles of association and is considered throughout our operations.

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